Get a loan from Hradpeningar!

We can provide you with a loan simply and quickly without any hidden charges for 20.000 ISK. Just enter the repayment period, and the money is yours!

How do I apply for a loan?

The procedure for applying via the website.

Application by sending SMS to 1917

If you want to get a loan for 20,000 kr. for a 30-day loan period, send: 20000 30

If you want to get a loan for 20,000 kr. for a 15-day loan period, send: 20000 15

Frequently asked questions

  • I am not able to send SMS to the phone number 1917. What should I do?

    Please contact our customer service by telephone at 511-1917 or send e-mail to

  • What happens when I do not pay an instalment on time?

    If your loan is past due or you know that you will not be able to make your loan payment on time, please contact our customer service team at 511-1917 to work out a resolution for your situation. If you don't pay your loan on time and don't contact us to resolve your situation, the loans will go into collection according to the commercial terms and conditions. That process might result in added fees.

  • I have a loan that is past its due date, can I get an additional loan?

    No, unfortunately. If you are late in paying off an existing loan, we cannot provide you with a new one.

  • Today is the due date for my loan. Can I extend the period for repaying it by a week?

    No, unfortunately, but we offer an extension for 30 days on those loans that are not past its due date. You will receive an email about it two days before the due date, as you are invited to extend. If you want to extend it sooner, then you can contact us and we'll take care of it for you.

  • I do not have sufficient credit on my phone and I cannot send SMS to request a loan. What should I do?

    You can easily apply for a loan on our website as well.

  • How do I repay my loan?

    You will receive an invoice in your online banking, where all necessary details will be specified, and you can pay it off any time, but you must pay it off by the due date at the latest.

  • Will I get notified after I've paid my loan off

    Yes, within 15 minutes of us receiving your payment, we'll notify you with a text message confirming that your loan payment has been successful.

  • If I register on your website, do I have to apply for a loan?

    No, you can register with us without applying for a loan.

  • Can I apply for more than one loan at a time?

    Yes, absolutely. If you have enough credit when you can apply for multiple loans. For example, a client with a 40.000 kr. credit limit can apply for two loans of 20.000 kr. each.

About Hraðpeningar

Hraðpeningar began its activity in 2011 with the goal of offering consumers effective and flexible solutions for short-term financing. We offer unsecured loans to individuals ages 20 and up. Loans can be applied for by text message or online. Hraðpeningar focuses on responsible lending and transparency.