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Ecommerce2020 and our partners use cookies to analyse behaviour, manage the website, track user movements on the website, and collect demographic information our users in general.

Cookies are pieces of information that the website sends to the web browser. The browser stores this information in a file on your unit.

Cookies enable visitors to navigate the website and allow us to adjust the website and its content to the needs of the visitors and improve the results of user behaviour where relevant.

If the cookie function is not activated, we cannot ensure that the website works correctly and that its use therefore will work as intended. It is therefore not possible to use our website without the application of cookies. The cookies used in our website do not store data that can identify you.

Use of cookies

Cookies on this website are used as follows:

We use cookies to protect our customers and to prevent fraud.

We use cookies in our online application form. If the cookie function is not activated, the computer user cannot log in and/or use our services.

We also use cookies to learn how users arrive to our website and to investigate how they use the website - this helps us improve the quality of the services provided to you.

We use cookies to monitor and manage the website data flow.

We also use cookies to determine the degree of success or our advertising campaigns and initiatives. This helps us to improve the design and structure of the site as well as the selection of offers and initiatives.

We use two types of cookies in our website:

Session cookies (temporary cookies). These are temporary cookies that are only active at the moment when the computer accesses the website (or, more accurately, until the user leaves the website and closes the browser). Session cookies help our website to remember the steps that the visitor took on the previous page, thus negating the need to re-enter the information.

Persistent cookies (lasting cookies) Persistent cookies remain on the visitor’s computer after visits to our website. These cookies help us identify you as a visitor. How long the cookie remains on the user’s computer depends on the cookie type.

Third party cookies

Ecommerce2020 also has a number of collaborating partners who apply cookies - so-called third party cookies.

For example, we use Google Analytics - a popular, function analysis service from Google. Google Analytics uses cookies to help us analyse how visitors use our website. Further information about the use of cookies can be found in Google’s privacy policy.

There can be other collaborating partners, media agencies, or marketing firms (e.g., Facebook) who apply cookies.

The purpose of such cookies is to ensure the delivery of targeted online advertising and to give you the option to share our contents on other platforms, e.g., with your friends.

Consent for the use of cookies

Before you start using our website, we need your consent for the use of cookies. Our website therefore has a pop-up window which tells you about the use of cookies, and you are asked to accept the use of cookies by clicking on [“OK”/”I agree”]. If you carry on clicking on the page without responding to this request, it will be taken as your consent to the use of cookies.

Control and deletion of cookies

We do not use cookies to collect personal information about users. If you wish to limit cookies or block them on our website, you can change the settings of your browser. Use the browser function “Help” to learn more about this option. See the unit’s user manual for information about deleting cookies from your mobile unit browser.

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